Read-a-thon was last weekend. If you don’t know what readathon is, it’s a 24 hour reading marathon. From 1pm (UK time) Saturday till 1pm Sunday. You can read what you want and how often you want. You can participate in challenges that are set-up and you can win prizes. You an blog as much as want about it while it’s happening. It’s on twice year, once in April and once in October. I normally only participate once a year but I had quite a bit of holiday left and needed to use some of it up so I took a long weekend and am so glad I did.
I read what I wanted to read, as I think it works if you always set some sort of target for your self and once you’ve hit that target you can read something else or stop. 
I always go to bed though I’ve never once stayed up and done it the whole way through, reading too much makes me seriously dizzy sometimes so I don’t want to deal with that.
Read-a-thon is over for 2013, I’m really looking forward to April 2014’s read-a-thon, as I much prefer read-a-thon in April than October.
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