Random Things

This is a list of observations, happy things thrown in with some memories and a bunch of things I want to remember for always.

  • A bright blue sky.
  • Sitting on my Mum’s deck, laughing & eating a healthy lunch.
  • New bowls.
  • Watching Kung Fu Panda, Die Hard 2 & The Mummy on repeat, again and again like a five year old.
  • Lemon, ginger and mango tea.
  • 8pm bed times.
  • Getting lost in as many books as possible.
  • Silence.
  • Peter rabbit on a 50p.
  • Edam cheese on ritz biscuits.
  • A burnt stomach from too hot water bottles.
  • A white bunny turning grey now brown.
  • All our engagement/pre-wedding pictures printed and in a pretty album.
  • My husband telling me I’m whiter than Casper.
  • A one & half year old sitting on my lap, not letting me read to him but flicking through all the pages in the book.
  • A clean, lemon fresh bathroom.
  • My hair getting longer.
  • Tesco gluten & wheat free brownie’s.
  • Black Sails.

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