Products I Love to Hate & Hate to Love

October 16, 2014
Products I love to hate 
 There are five products that I’ve used recently or use a lot that I have a love hate relationship with and thought I’d talk a little bit more why I have a love hate relationship with these products.

1. Liquid Foundation
It evens out my skin tone, it cover my blemishes and makes me feel a millions dollors until ten minutes later when I’m about to walk out the house and my face just can’t breathe and I have to wash it all off. Life fail. I can’t seem to get round this one though. I use less product and it still happens.

2. Dry Shampoo
It soaks up all the grease in my naturally greasy hair and I can go two extra days if needed without washing my hair but I hate the way it makes my hair feel. All thick and full of product and just nasty. I tend to wash my hair sooner rather than later after using dry shampoo, which sort of defeats the purpose.

3. Body Butter/Lotion
It makes my skin soft, it gets rid of my dry patches but oh my god it takes forever to dry and if I use one of those ‘dry’s in 60 seconds’ body lotions my skin just doesn’t feel hydrated enough.

4. Aussie Miracle Mousse
It’s great, it works, it makes my hair super soft and I really like it. But I only get about 3-5 uses out of the can and I don’t think it’s worth spending that much money when the normal miracle conditioner does the same but I can get more uses out of it.

5. Powder
I’ve have awkwardly, awkward skin. My skin tends to mostly be dry therefore most powders show all my dry patches which isn’t a good look but powder doesn’t make my skin feel like it’s suffocating like liquid foundation.

I’d love to know if anyone else has products they love to hate! 

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