Out of all the pet’s I’ve had through my years I have to say having a rabbit has been one of the strangest and at times the hardest. I say this because Evie is quite a little independent rabbit and although she really enjoys her own company at the end of the day she’s still a pet and does need (and deserve) lots of attention, but at times this can be hard because she can be quite skittish and other times she can be quite in your face no matter what you do.
Right now Evie is going through her ‘teenage’ years and let me tell you this is not fun! Not one little bit. There’s nipping, humping, head butting, occasional growling and sometimes there’s some disobedience. 
“No Evie the sofa is not for eating!” Has become my most popular phrase. 

Ryan and I try our hardest to spend an hour each out of our day with her, whether it’s playtime, cuddle time or even training time just so she has some extra company and doesn’t think she’s all alone. Playtime and training time generally overlap because we get Evie to do some little exercises to help her movement. As rabbits can get arthritis! Playtime, generally anything goes and if she doesn’t want to play she really won’t she’ll just sit down and refuse to move or runs away and hides in her tube. Training time is a lot harder because she’s at that ‘teenage’ stage she’d rather hump your arm or leg than run across the room when you call her. Or scratch your face off when you pick her up! And I think because of this her cuddle time is becoming more popular, she’ll jump up on the sofa and demand attention (nudge you, nip you, sit on your laptop, eat your hair!) until you stroke her into submission and she lies down, and that’s it for 40+ minutes while she fall’s asleep you have to stroke her or all it start’s all over again.
So last Thursday we had a joint Playtime with Evie and here are some of the many pictures I took during her playtime.

*By the way there is hay in that box we’re not trying to suffocate her!

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