Paperchase Haul

September is a ridiculously busy time for me. Ignoring anything work related, like the fact we just got Christmas cards in and are now slowly waiting for more Christmas stuff to arrive. September brings many birthdays and other occasions to my life, and the worst part is living across the country and trying to make sure cards, presents and such things arrive on or just before that special day otherwise certain people feel slighted. Le sigh!
So not long after pay day I did a large haul at work and still managed to forget something! Isn’t that always the way. It doesn’t help that I actually left my list at home sitting happily in my filofax because my bag was so full I just couldn’t fit it in. That teaches me to leave it behind.
So this is my large haul and all that’s for me is the cheeky chop’s stickers! The Hand Puppets were for a certain guy who is old enough to really know better. Hopefully we’ll make them and I’ll take pictures of them soon! 
Do you have a month like this where there are nearly as my birthdays and events as there are days in the month?

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