Orgins Skincare Consulttion’s

May 22, 2013
Just after payday I realised I was really low on my  favourite No7 Hot Cloth Cleanser, while I love this cleanser it’s not the most soothing and moisturising for my seriously dry skin. Between the cold weather, air conditioning at work and heating at home during the winter months my skin was feeling the worse it’ every felt. My face felt extremely rough, sore and dry and no matter what products I tried my face still felt the same and by this point my skin was starting to look a little lack-lustre too.
I noticed a few months ago in my local Boots that an Origins counter had opened up and I really wanted to give some of their products a try because they are all natural and I generally find using natural products on my skin to be more beneficial.
So after I finished a morning shift at work I went to give it a try. I sat down with Kat and we talked about my skin type, what problems I was having and what current products I was using. Not necessarily the brand but if I was using a night cream or an eye cream, did I exfoliate etc.
Then Kat felt my face. She agreed with my skin concerns and did confirm that my skin was dry and not dehydrated. She went over what my problems were and starting gathering products for her to try on me. 
After Kat applied each product and cleaned it off I felt my face {yes I know it sounds weird but it helped me to see which products helped make my skin the softest}. A few products stood out to me and I was so tempted to buy several of them but I really only needed a cleanser right then, I plan to buy some of the other product as and when my current ones run out.
I’d seen on the website that there was an oil cleanser Clean Energy and although it wasn’t suggested to me I really wanted to try it so we tested it on my hand and I was happy with it so I bought that and Modern Friction, which is a really nice rice and lemon exfoliator.
After several weeks of using these products I have to say that while I love Clean Energy, especially when I’m wearing a lot of makeup I do regret not taking Kat’s advice and buying Pure Cream. My main reason was really simple and lazy to be honest but I wanted a cleanser that could remove eye makeup as well as cleanse my face. I think either when I have some extra cash or when my Clean Energy runs out I’ll buy the Pure Cream instead. Now I’m currently having a love/hate relationship with Modern Friction. I used to exfoliate about once a month and Kat told me that with such dry skin I needed to be exfoliating two to three times a week. So I gave that a try but it made my face red and sore for about half an hour and occasionally I would get some red pimples but they would only last about 24 hours. However, my skin now feels super soft and my dry patches are nearly all gone, so it really does work!
After using the products for two weeks I went back to have my second consultation with Kat and she gave me some tips and we agreed that I should use Modern Friction only twice a week and on an evening instead of in a morning. Then Kat gave me another facial with some different products that she thought might be a better fit. While the other products she used were great I had a bad reaction with the other exfoliator and ended up with super sore skin for about 24 hours. She did use quite a few products from the Mega-Mushroom range and while they helped with the redness I was put off by the smell of them.
I have to say that I really enjoyed my skin consultations and found them extremely helpful and pampering, even though they were in a short amount {about 10 to 20 minutes} of time I felt relaxed and my skin felt better for them. I’ve enjoyed using these products and will definitely continue to use them.
I’m also planning on buying the Make a Difference Plus+ Ultra- Rich Cream and the Drink Up Intensive Mask.
Have you used the Origins range? Do you love it? What are your favourite products?

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