Organisation Part 1

I’m trying to get myself into a better state of organisational mind and being more prepared mainly for my book blog Swept Away Again because I always forget when I should be posting reviews that I’ve received a copy of. As I like posting them on the release day or the day before but I tend to end up posting them a week later because I’m so scattered brained!
To help me do this I’m thinking about buying a pocket filofax. I’m quite in love with the Finsbury, but it’s rather out of my price range (£43) right now so I’m more inclined towards the Metropol which is more reasonable £24.

Finsbury on the left and Metropol on the right.
I think a pocket filofax would be great because I would mainly use it for the calender/diary section and also my notes and to-do lists which means that I wouldn’t have scraps of paper littering the flat and never being able to find my most recent list or note.
Last year I had a personal size filofax which I loved and adored but I couldn’t fit it into my bag along with my notebook and texts that I was reading, along with the necessarities such as a water bottle, purse, phone and pencil case etc.
Most people would see this as a sign to buy a bigger bag but I didn’t, instead I kept my filofax as my at home diary and instead bought the moleskine colour a month diary’s which while cute and thin really annoyed me when I needed to plan in advance or check something ahead of the month I had. Although they do contain a notes section at the back and a mini calender of a year to view at the front I got sick of writing out the same things every month.

Yet later on in the year by about March, I pretty much stopped using a diary all together. So buying a filofax for just 6 or 7 months of the year seems like a waste of money really. Although I have several notebooks for different things, my book blog Swept Away Again, my personal journal which is like a word a day journal and another filled with University bits and pieces. I also have a large amount of sticky notes and pieces of coloured paper already filled with notes and thoughts floating around the flat which really annoys me, it would be really good to have one place to put them all but I know that I have problems actually writing in a Filofax because of the ring binder but that makes me wonder about using Filofax’s new Flex system they’ve come out with which I think really rivals moleskine more than Filofax.

My plan over the next two to three weeks is try and work out what kind of diary I would need to full-fill my needs before 2012 to help me get organised.

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