Why Oneness Should Be Your Super Power

September 26, 2018
Why Oneness Should Be Your Superpower

Have you ever been asked if you could have a superpower what would it be? I think oneness should be your superpower.

At the beginning of January 2018, I took part in the truly wonderful Jemma‘s Balance Retreat and giveaway and won.

One of the prizes was Gabby Bernstein’s The Universe Has Your Back card’s. I freaking adore them. I’m a big fan of Gabby Bernstein. Who isn’t? I do card readings on my Instagram stories at least once a week with them and when Instagram launched their questions box I was asked by a couple of other people to do card readings for them.

One of the cards that I pulled was oneness is my true nature. It’s such a great card!

Oneness is my true nature

What is Oneness?

Pulling the card to me is a reminder not to align with the wrong mind of judgement.

When you have removed the boundaries of judgement (envy, jealousy, comparison, etc) you get oneness. You’re at your true nature or self once you’ve removed all those boundaries that bring or give you judgement.

How do I get Oneness?

It seems oh so simple, right? Remove those negative emotions and you can achieve oneness, but sometimes it can be really hard to acknowledge that you’re in the mind of judgement. You can get so caught up in the moment you might notice at first that you’re in a judgement mindset.

Why Should Oneness Be My Superpower?

When we surround ourselves with negativity, especially negative emotions such as jealousy, anger and envy we’re just opening the door to more of those thoughts, feelings and emotions and before long we’re drowning in all that negativity. Which isn’t good for us. It’s not good for our health, our bodies or our minds.

Therefore you need to accept the way you feel and then ask yourself why you feel that way and how you can move away from that feeling and embrace oneness in your life.

For example, I love Instagram, it is my favourite social media platform but for me, it does draw out some negative feelings such as envy and judgement.

I handle this in two ways.

1. If it’s someone I’m following and it happens often then I unfollow that person. Simple. End of.

2. I’ve started limiting the time I spend on Instagram. This helps me stop feeling a) that I’m losing a huge chunk of time down the Instagram hole and b) stops me feeling negative before it’s really begun.

How can you remove your boundaries of judgement in your life so oneness can be your one true power? Leave me a comment and let me know.

Why Oneness Should Be Your Superpower