Oh Christmas Tree

This year we down sized our Christmas tree, due to a lack of space. We down sized from a 7ft massive beast to a decent size of just 4ft. Which now lives quite happily on our dinning room table. It also means storing our small tree will be much easier this year!

Our story with our Christmas tree is really rather sad, when we had our first Christmas in Plymouth 2009 we only had my small sized white tree from Paperchase that I had since 2005/2006 and my boyfriend preferred green trees and we found a bargain of one in Argos that was 7ft. However with buying it we couldn’t afford lights or decorations so we just had our tree. The second year we managed to get lights and decorations and now in our third year we’ve down sized and tried to make our tree more our own.

The first picture of our tree is without my boyfriends parents gifts now we’ve added their gifts a dinning table is looking pretty full and I’m only just managing to fit my laptop on their to charge!

To make our little Wilkinson £10 tree more our own I fluffed out the branches lots, strung some twinkling lights on it and bought some fairly cheap single decorations to cheer it up and make it original.

Gingy just £1!

From Paperchase, with staff discount fabric penguin.

Again from Paperchase bought full price, £2 they had them on 3 for 2 but I was silly and didn’t do that as I bought them on different occasions.
How do you make your tree more unique and your own?

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