Our Engagement

This is technically part 2 of my Birthday Girl post which happened on Saturday 4th.. Ryan and I agreed to go for a walk round The Hoe and down to the Harbour then make our way to Nando’s for an early dinner, late lunch as long as it wasn’t raining, in the early afternoon when we left it literally just started raining so when we were only halfway round The Hoe I was already drenched,cold and miserable and asking if we could go home soon. Ryan didn’t seem to mind and said we could a bit further on because he’d seen his friend’s boat. So onwards we walked, until the boat pulled parallel to us and all I could see was Ally and you because of the wind. I was completely confused and my brain couldn’t seem to understand what it was seeing. Then Ryan pulled out a pretty ring in a box and said I guess I’ll have to say it “Will you marry me?” Then he got down on one knee in front of me and I was completely speechless. Other than having the giggles and having tears come out of my eyes in total surprise. I really never expected him to propose so early in the year! I thought I’d be getting in there before he would on leap year!

After I said ‘yes of course’ he rang his friends who brought the boat back into the harbour. The one in red owns the boat and they other guy was just helping him but both are friends of Ryan’s. We walked round the rest of the Hoe to the Harbour and met them for a drink to say thank you and for them to get warmed back up as they’d been out in the cold and rain for an hour or two before we turned up! Bless them.
Cold, wet and still in shock but oh so happy!
Engagement ring!!!
While we were waiting for people I sent my Mum a picture of the boat then she rang me in tear’s which was so lovely as she’s so happy for us! And I think she was a little overwhelmed too. Then I posted it to facebook and twitter! I’m so happy and have been since it happened. We’ve briefly discussed when we’d like to get married but it won’t be for a while yet.

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