New Years Resolutions…

January 6, 2013

I hope everyone had a great New Year! I’m a big fan of writing resolutions or of doing the yearly birthday goals, you know 25 Before 26 but my problem generally is I have to have them all written down and need to constantly check them or I forget about them. Which is what happened last year when I tried the 26 Before 27. It was just too many things and I forgot about them by June. With thanks to Susannah Conway’s Unravelling the Year Ahead it makes it much easier for me to see what’s more important for this year yet, still be able to see what else I can accomplish once I reach my other goals and still know which direction I’m going in.

For 2013 I’ve kept it really simple. I just have 4 resolutions, although I have another additional 4 reading goals over on Swept Away Again but they’re pretty simple too.

  1. Eat more healthily and slowly add exercise – I have IBS and am an Endometriosis sufferer and in 2012 I became so much more aware of just what I can’t eat and how eating bad foods can make me so ill and sluggish for days! I know how to eat and drink better now but other than work I don’t do any additional exercise like I previously did. Which often made me feel much better, so I need to add this back in. I have to point out I know a lot of people say they’ll diet and eat better for the New Year but this, for me is more of a lifestyle change than a drastic diet and it’s really important for my health and to be honest I kicked started this one before the New Year and know I can keep it up because it’s what I should have been doing throughout 2012. But didn’t know how to implement it.
  2. Have a ‘going out’ date night once a month with Ryan – Where we actually leave the flat. We often have date nights but they involve staying in. Cooking a nice meal, ordering takeaway, watching a DVD or an evening spent playing with the bunnies. No leaving the flat. Even in the summer we didn’t make much effort to go out. So hopefully this year we will.
  3. Get a full time job – 2015 is now only two years away, it’s slowly getting closer but my savings for our wedding aren’t getting closer to our goal. Especially now my hours have been cut. So I need a full time job and sadly I won’t get that where I am now so I need to start job hunting. I’ll be sad to leave where I am now but it’ll mean being able to do lots more different things like getting married and maybe going abroad for a holiday!
  4. Get back into Journalling – I’ve always journalled, always but in 2012 I greatly struggled with writing anything personal. I thought halfway through the year that maybe I’d out journalled myself in 2010, I filled three pocket moleskines full of thoughts after my Father died but I don’t think you really can out journal yourself. I think I just got into the habit of not journalling and then when I tried it was a huge struggle. So this year and going to try and pick up a pen and my new ‘journal’ as often as possible.
Did you make any resolutions? Have any thoughts on my resolutions?

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