New Filofax…

I’m selling several of my Filofax’s, primarily my A5 Finsbury because I only used it for a week in November and couldn’t justify the cost with the limited usage but really liked having an A5 Filofax so after looking through Philofaxy and The Life of a Perpetual Student I realised that an A5 Domino would work for me, so with my birthday money in hand I went on a hunt for a purple A5 Domino and found it really hard! I only found two available. One via ebay which had several days left and one via Amazon. I then thought about buying the Snake Domino but is was more than I wanted to spend (and also not purple) so I went back to Amazon and thought ‘screw it’ it was still cheaper than full price even with P+P. So I ordered it. Then received an email from the selling saying that actually it wasn’t in as perfect condition as they thought and would I still want it with £10 knocked off? £13 for a new Ultra Violet Domino including P+P yes please!
And I think it still looks great even with a few bumps and marks on the cover! I think that was possibly my problem with the Finsbury it was too perfect especially when it wouldn’t lie flat. It was too new and smart for my taste’s no matter how much I wanted to love it. However, I don’t have that problem at all with the Domino and have used it nearly everyday since I bought it!
A close up of one of the dents to it. 

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