NaNoWriMo #3

120 Gala Darling Love&Sequins 9 30-5-2010

NaNoWriMo is well and truly over and this was the first year I participated and I don’t think it’ll be my last I wrote for about 2.5 weeks before I got serve migraines and eventually had to step away from my laptop for a while. I really enjoyed participating and even just doing it for a couple of weeks has helped me see what I can do next year to prepare better and how to time manage and how to cope with NaNoWriMo and real life. I did however reach my personal best writing goal, I wanted to at least write 5,000 words and happily I wrote that and quite a bit more. I can’t say every word I wrote was stellar but at least I did it. I found I had to really force myself not to go back and edit what I’d already written other than correcting some spelling mistakes but I still enjoyed it. I’m now however stuck at that point where I’m contemplating continue writing what I’ve already started and still trying to reach the 50,000 word mark but in my own time at my own pace instead. Part of myself isn’t keen on this idea because I’m not overall happy with what I wrote and the direction the story was going but the other part of me is just pleased I reached a personal best and thinks I should just keep going for the practise. Right now I’m at a cross roads about the idea but if it’s something I decide to do it most likely won’t be until 2012 when I have more free time.

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