NaNoWriMo #2

November 11, 2011

I’ve already mentioned, two days before NaNoWriMo started that I was going to participate and although I was quite far behind I think I’ve finally caught up.

My main issue was I planned to write in third person because then you can see what everyone is thinking and you can follow more then one character and it’s my preferred style to read in, however the afternoon I sat down to write I couldn’t remember for the life of my how to write in third person! I mean seriously I’ve been writing in third person since I was a child! How could I forget how to write that way! I was seriously mad with myself and ended up writing the first 1667 words in first person then when I went to bed that night I remembered how to write in third person and was tempted to re-write everything I’d already written but I felt as I was on my way and didn’t want to edit too much that it was best left alone. I’m kind of glad I decided to leave it that way as I’m enjoying getting to know my heroine, (she’s still without a name though!)  but part of me wonders if I’d get a better incite into my hero if it had indeed been written in third person…

I’ve sadly had a few missed days during the week so my word count is a little down as I’ve been suffering from migraines that have been light afflicted and have had to go and hide in bed in the dark. However I’m hoping to try and make up for my word count this weekend so fingers crossed for me!

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