My Filofax Collection

September 19, 2012
I can’t believe how big my collection has gotten now! Not all of these are in use and several of them stay in there boxes because I plan on selling them and also because they don’t get used.
From the top left:
  1. Pocket Finchley Rose
  2. Slimline Metropol Red
  3. Personal Finchley Brown (Caramel)  
  4. Personal Black Initial Organiser
  5. Personal Domino Lavender 
  6. Personal Finchley Yellow
  7. Personal Malden Crimson  
  8. A5 Finsbury Black  
  9. A5 Domino Ultra Violet
I’ve been really lucky with buying my Filofax’s because I’ve only bought my first one (Personal Domino Lavender) for full price all the other’s have been at sale prices. Next up I’m going to briefly discuss each one and then go into further detail about the ones I do actually use.

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