My Filofax Collection Part 2

September 21, 2012

This is Part 2 of my Filofax Collection and the rest of this post I’m just going to talk about the order I bought the Filofax’s in and for how much, what I use them for and which ones I will no longer be keeping and why.
The order I bought or received them in was:
Personal Black Initial Organiser
This isn’t a real Filofax it’s just a sweet Organiser with my initials in gold that I received off my Dad many, many years ago. I used it for a few months in 2009 but it’s really stiff and while it looks nice and professional I hate that I can’t find it in a dark handbag. Now it just sits on a bookshelf with it’s old, unused and original inserts in waiting for the day I feel sorry for it again and pick it back up.
Personal Domino Lavender
My first real Filofax I bought after I was fed up of the stiffness of the Black Organiser in 2010. I mainly use this as a personal archive binder now especially since Evie ate through the elastic. I do love it dearly though because it was my first real love and foray into Filofax’s but it just sits next to the Black Organiser on my bookshelf until I get it down each month. I feel sort of sorry for it too!
Pocket Finchley Rose
Bought in the Swedish £9 sale although it wasn’t £9 because of the conversion but it was still super cheap. I was attempting to try out pocket size but it didn’t work for me. It’s kept in it’s box and will eventually put on eBay.
Personal Finchley Brown (Caramel) 
Bought at exactly the same time as the Pocket Finchley again for £9 in total including P+P it all came to less than £25! A total bargain if I do say so! I love this one so much. It sits in it’s box on the bookshelf with the other filofax’s and I’m thinking of bringing it out and using it at a writing/journaling filofax because it’s just too pretty and soft to be left in it’s box!
A5 Finsbury Black
This was bought in October 2011 from WH Smith’s with a 20% discount card. I deeply regret buying the black finsbury, more because it was black than because it was a finsbury. I used this for November for NaNoWriMo to plot my storyline but it was so stiff and was really hard to stay open and it just felt way too big for me, that it quickly got put back in it’s box. I’ve tried selling it on eBay once already but no-one bid on it (bless the poor unloved thing!) but I’m going to try again and maybe do free P+P or something. I think there’s a guide on Philofaxy on good ways to sell your Filofax so I’m going to check that out hoping this poor Filofax sells this time round!
Personal Finchley Yellow
This was a naughty Christmas 2011 present to myself from eBay for £50 including next day P+P after I worked so hard in the run up to Christmas at work and wanted something much brighter during the dismal months. I was actually thinking of buying the A5 yellow Finchley but it was out of my price range and I couldn’t find it at a discount price. Now I’m thankful for that because this is my baby! I love it to pieces and I really think I would cry if something happened to it. I use it nearly everyday and it’s so handy and just fantastic!

Slimline Metropol Red
Purchased this March from the Swedish or German Filofax site. I think it worked out the same price as buying the black in the UK but with P+P on top it became more. I had been thinking that the slimline would be great to cart back and forth from work because my bag was getting heavy but after two months worth of use I really started to dislike the plastic feel of the Filofax and it was just too slim for my personal tastes and I reverted back to my yellow Finchley. I plan to try and sell this or gift it away.
A5 Domino Ultra Violet
My last foray into A5 Filofax’s. I bought this on Amazon for a few pounds less than full price in May but at last minute the seller got in touch and said she was sorry but it had a lot more marks on it than she remembered and got it for £10! I bought this for my Open University course and for wedding planning however it fell short on both ideas. It was too big to lug around with me for wedding planning when I went up North to look at venue’s I ended up using my personal instead and then I couldn’t use the A5 on my small desk when using my laptop for my OU course so it was swapped for a notebook. Now it’s just used to hold all my writing research ideas like plot lines and characters but it hardly gets any use as I’m lacking inspiration for writing. I’m not sure if I would sell it but I’m sure if I did it would go to a good home because everyone loves the Domino filofax’s!
Personal Malden Crimson
My last and most recent purchase. I got it two weeks ago from eBay for £30.70! I was a little annoyed when it came but more about that in another post. I’d been after a Crimson Malden since they went on sale in January and had been kicking myself since for not buying it in the sale but wasn’t going to fork out a huge amount when I really wasn’t sure the Malden was for me. To be fair I still don’t know if the Malden is for me. I may end up selling it in October I’m just not sure. But it is lovely to look at and holds my 2013 inserts and my blogging ideas for Within Dreams We Live.

So that’s my entire collection! Do I own too many? How many Filofax’s do you own?