My Collection of Journals

After visiting my Mother in June I finally brought down the rest of my journals from her house to mine. I was quite shocked with how few there really were considering I’ve nearly always had one. I only threw one away that only had a few pages filled for 2006. But when I think about it I’m not a big writer, I often get stuck between what I really want to write and what I really do write. I think this is because I’m always apprehensive if someone read’s one and then thinks badly of myself, so I generally only seem to fill one a year. With the exception of 2010 when Papa T passed away and I seemed to write so much more!

My current journal is from Paperchase (of course!) it’s a medium grey noto notebook, while I love the size (bigger than pocket but smaller than a standard moleskine size) and the feel of the cover, the paper quality isn’t amazing. The paper isn’t as smooth and easy to write on as I would like but it is thick paper in a cream colour.
I’m having the dilemma of what journal to pick next. I’m half tempted to pick another noto one but in a different colour, as they have them in so many colours (currently black, brown, grey, red & turquoise but soon there will be purple & pink too. In all three sizes pocket, medium & large.) Just so each year can reflect a certain colour otherwise I may end up going back to moleskine or paperblanks.

If you write in a journal, what journal do you use? Do you always use the same type of journal too?

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