More Than Words Can Say

January was a very interesting month. I had a phone interview but didn’t get the job which was referred to by a friend then a co-worker of Ryan’s let him know about a job she saw via Twitter! I had an actual interview for that job and I really wanted it but was sadly unsuccessful for it and was so disheartened by it but I tried to stay positive and focusing on my motto and the weirdest thing happened.

Ryan was informed about a possible internal promotion but it would mean recolating and while I was hesitant about this he was really eager for it as it would be good for his carrer. He had agreed to move closer to home by then end of 2014 anyway but this relocation would take use just out of the parameters we’d set for moving. He looked into the relocation package his work offers and really it would have been worth it. Except the area we would be relocating to would be slightly more expensive than Plymouth and while there was another Paperchase store for me to transfer too I wasn’t sure that it would have been possible because of the time of year and even though Ryan would have received a pay rise I would still need quite a few hours, more than I’m contracted for to make this relocation work.

While Ryan was still looking up information about this new location he came across another store he could transfer too and still get that promotion he wanted and it was much closer to home! It would mean that I would be out of a job for a little while but we’d be so close to home that I would be happy to deal with looking for a new job, so Ryan applied to both of them on the same day.

A few days later one of those stores got back in touch and invited him for an interview and to my surprise and joy it was the store closest to home! A week later off he went, I had butterflies in my tummy and my hopes were extremely high. As this store was closer to home he spent a full day traveling up to surprise his Mum, who had no clue about his interview and spent the night seeing both our families and then the next day went for his interview and came back to Plymouth.

A lot of travelling when he was one in five people applying for the job. When he came home and told me that while he thought the interview went well 4 other people had applied to the job, I gave up hope. I was so sure he wasn’t going to get it because he was so far away and so many other people had applied.

Surprise, surprise! He got the job! We are moving back up North we’ve had two weeks to pack up our lives, say farewell to the friends we’ve made here and sadly I’ve had to hand in my notice at Paperchase. Today is our very last day in Plymouth and we’ve been doing some of our favourite things. Taking in the sights and walking hand in hand round the city that has been our home for nearly four and a half years.

So much has happened while we’ve lived in Plymouth but I can’t bring myself to be sad about this place we’re going to leave because we’re going home! I’m full of nervous excitement and anticipation. We’re finally going forward with our future and I’m just oh so happy!


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