Monthly Goals: March

My February goals were quite simple and at the end of February felt pleased to have easily been able to tick them off my list.
  1. Read 10-12 books. I managed to read 9 books. Considering there was my birthday, Valentines and we packed up our entire life and moved back up North. I think reading 9 books was pretty awesome.
  2. Find a house. We viewed four houses during February and found one we liked best. Went for a second viewing, filled in the application and waited. We’re still waiting. But the estate agents can’t get hold of the landlord so it’s not looking promising so we’re back to searching again. Sad times.
  3. Attend Wedding Fayre. Went, loved and it’s been such an inspiration. I think all bride-to-be’s should go to one even if you don’t want to get married at the venue it’s a great way to find vendors and get inspired.
  4. Schedule blog posts for February. Ha! Totally didn’t happen. But I didn’t have a plan about what to schedule when or what to write so I spent the month compliling ideas so I can get at least two posts a week to go up.
Now onto March’s goals:
  1. Read 14 books.
  2. Find a house / Move into house.
  3. Sort out hair.
  4. Start job hunting.


  1. If I want to read at least 120 books this year I need to read 14 to get me to target. Best get my read on then.
  2. See February’s comment on find a house and hopefully move into one!
  3. Esh my hair. I haven’t had a haircut in over a year so I’m due to get my split ends cut but I keep putting it off and I need to dye my hair as my mum has so kindly pointed out that my roots and ends don’t match!
  4. Need to take another look at my cv and decide what jobs I want to apply for.


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