Monthly Goals: February

I normally just pick books to read for my monthly challenges on Swept Away Again but with some much going on right now I’m struggling to read many books so I thought I’d write a little list with the things I want to accomplish during February.

  1. Read 10-12 books.
  2. Find a house to rent.
  3. Attend Wedding Fayre on the 23rd.
  4. Plan & schedule blog posts for February.
  • Read 10-12 books.

I’m really struggling to find the time and interest to read right now so instead of setting myself books to read I’ve set a goal of how many books I want to read instead. If I still want to read over 100 books this year I need to step up my reading.

  • Find a house to rent.

Seriously this should have been number one on my list but as we’ve only been back up North for the weekend we’ve worked on getting settled and making sure the bunnies are ok after all that travelling.

We want a 2-3 bedroom house with a bath/shower, decent kitchen, small outdoor space, 30-40 minutes from the city centre and less than we paid in Plymouth.

It’s really doable. We have viewings booked for Friday and I’m scared and excited. It’s really weird.

  • Attend Wedding Fayre on the 23rd.

There’s a wedding Fayre being held on Sunday in my favorite wedding venue so I’ve pestered my friend to come with me so we can scope out the vendors there as we already saw the venue in 2012 and nothing has compared since.

  • Plan and schedule blog posts for February

With so much going on during Feb I wanted to have some posts written in advance for both blogs so at least 2 posts a week go up and I don’t feel like I’m neglecting either of them while real life takes over for a little while. Especially as when we move we won’t have internet for a week or so.

I’m not sure that all these goals are fully possible by the end of the month but I felt pretty positive about it all at the beginning of the month when I first wrote them. But that’s life right? No matter how much you plan and write lists it doesn’t always work out the way you want.


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