Mini Book Room Tour

One of the rooms that has been the first to be finished since we moved was my book room! So I thought I’d share with you how it looks. It’s a really quick video with no sound. I’m currently trying to remember how to edit the full length one for my book blog and I’ll properly do a more in-depth one later in the year if we get new bookcases and I’ve been given my Dad’s desk {we just have to get it over to us} which is quite big so I may have to move some thing’s around.

All the baking books belong to Ryan and some of the books on the bookcase next to the door belong to Ryan too.
Some of these books we’re my Dad’s too.

The rest of these books are my own, bought and paid for with my money {and Ryan’s} or presents from family and friends. I only have three books I’ve received for free one for review, one won in a giveaway and an arc from another blogger to review for their blog.

I love my book room it’s one of my favourite rooms in the house and hope you enjoy it too!

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