Low Fodmap Diet Part One


So it’s been quite a while since I last talked about my week long experiment doing the low fodmap diet. I explained why I was doing it and what the rules were here.
I’m going to do another post showing all the foods and meals I ate and what I thought about them but this post is just going to be how I found it and what my results have been since.

When I made my decision to do the low fodmap diet it was quick as a snap. I didn’t think it through, I’d reached the end of my tether and I had to so something and that something had to happen now. That very day. So I spent all afternoon doing research on what I could eat, what meals I could make out of those things and what ingredients we had in our cupboards.

Because I spent a couple of hours doing my research and thinking what I could cook and how I could make these meals work not just for myself but my other half who was going to continue eating normally. 
I felt really positive about how it was going to go and to be honest the first three days were brilliant, with the meals I picked and using the foods we had in. I was still unwell until day two whether that was because my stomach was adjusting or because I’d just had a bad ‘episode’ I don’t know, but I received a really nice, supportive comment on instagram and it helped keeping me going.

The fourth day was hard because I hadn’t figured out what to eat for breakfast and the fifth day even more so because I cooked eggs and rice for lunch and it was just awful. I’m not a big egg fan to start with so it was just a bad idea and then I was so hungry and felt a bit annoyed at myself.

By day six I was feeling a lot better about the low fodmap diet and had a better idea about what to eat but I did technically cheat. I ate a cereal bar because I had to go out and buy some lunch food but got distracted {think I was reading} and left it quite late and was really hungry before I left and the only thing we had in was a cereal bar so I ate it. Didn’t make me ill though!

Day seven came so quickly that at the end of the challenge the only food I’d missed eating was cheerios because I’d really missed having something substantial for breakfast but otherwise that was it and I enjoyed the whole process.

Beef Salad

So my results at the end of day seven were pretty surprising and significant. I’d enjoyed the challenge. Since day two I hadn’t been ill or felt unwell at all. My stomach was a lot less bloated and no longer felt uncomfortable. I’d managed to curb those snack cravings. I also lost 6lbs! That’s nearly half a stone. Without doing any real exercise at all. Although I could have lost some of the weight with being ill before starting the challenge but I can’t say for certain.

My thoughts on doing seven days on the low fodmap diet are that planning is key. Super essential actually. Which is fine for me because I usually plan meals in advance for dinner so I had no problems with this. That not only did I enjoy the challenge but I liked the results. I could fit into shorts that I wore last year but couldn’t fit into earlier in the month. My stomach no longer hurt, which was the main reason for doing the diet and that pinterest is your best friend for finding recipes. Oh and that I’m going to keep doing the low fodmap diet as part of my core eating and slowly add in different foods and if they work for me.

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