Love/Hate Relationship

May 17, 2013
This post makes me a little bit sad, but we’ve had to separate Evie and Oscar again. When we’re home we let them out together but we have to keep an eye on Oscar because, even though he’s been snipped he’s still keeps trying to hump Evie (who’s also been spayed). Which during the day she manages to persevere, because we can tell him off and stop him but during the night she’s getting no sleep and she’s losing fur. As Oscar is biting her fur to hold on to her and when she tries to run away her fur is coming out. So during the night they go into separate cages.
Which I think is helping because he is doing it a lot less but some days the little guy just can’t help himself so he ends up on lots of time outs. It is a little sad because when we put them into their cages on a night they both lay on either side of their cages as if they were next to each other if the cages weren’t there. But now Evie’s getting sleep and when we let her out she actually wants to come out and play instead of staying in her cage and napping.
We are hoping that Oscar will calm down, especially now he’s getting older but until it’s better and he’s not ripping her fur out it’s back to seperate cages.
There’s still a lot of love between these two but when Oscar just can’t help himself Evie gets really annoyed with him and hides in the tube’s until he calms down, which takes a while. Or she has to put her bum against a wall. Happily to say Evie is a much bigger bunny than Oscar, so Oscar is really just humping her back. 
No baby bunnies anytime soon!