Living With Endometriosis: Wellness Before Fertility

March 7, 2016
I read this really interesting article on Facebook that’s from the Guardian.
With endometriosis, shouldn’t ‘let’s get you well’ come before ‘let’s get you pregnant’? by Sylvia Freedman
It’s a really great article, that I recommend you read because it’s not only something I’ve had to deal with but seems like a lot of other endometriosis sufferers have too. Which is really disheartening to be honest.

The main part of the article is that endometriosis patients are often being told that:

 “[t]he only way to cure endometriosis is to get pregnant or have a hysterectomy.” 

Personally I started getting told at 19 by nurses to get pregnant, that it was the only way to ‘cure’ my endometriosis.
Isn’t it enough what we have to deal with already? The chronic pain and fatigue, the inability to work, go to school or socialise, the financial burdens this can cause, debilitating effects on mood, heavy bleeding, severe digestive disorders and other issues that prevent women with endometriosis from achieving their full potential, fertility is only a small part of the picture.

In the article Ms Freemen states:

 On our EndoActive Facebook page we asked our 7,000 followers if their doctors had ever suggested pregnancy or hysterectomy as a cure for endometriosis. Out of 136 responses:
124 were urged to have a baby as a cure
48 had between 1-5 babies. All 48 report their pain is worse
34 were told to have a hysterectomy as a cure
13 had a hysterectomy
Only 14 were told that having a baby or a hysterectomy is not a cure for endo. Only four reported their doctors gave great support and didn’t push fertility issues. One young girl commented: “My doctor told me having a baby would help my pain. I’m only 11.” And another: “My GP told me to go to the pub and have a one night stand and try to get pregnant before I missed the boat.”

There shouldn’t be so much pressure on getting pregnant to ‘cure’ endometriosis. Especially when it’s not a guaranteed cure. Yes some might find relief but shouldn’t we first be supported on managing our pain, fatigue and being able to regain parts of our lives back?

If and when we decide to get pregnant, shouldn’t it be because it’s our decision to get pregnant?

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