Live, Laugh, Love is my motto for 2014 and so far it’s been working well. I felt I let too many things get me down toward the end of 2013 and I needed something other than keeping a gratitude list to keep my thoughts positive.

I found the most perfect card to fit my motto for 2014 from Paperchase (of course!) that included my words and a picture of the sea, and seeing this every day, as it’s placed on my dressing table really helps keep some of the bad thoughts away.

I’m hoping this will continue to keep me focused through the rest of the year. But if it doesn’t a very sweet friend got something just as lovely for my birthday with the same wording.

It was such a lovely surprise to receive this! It’s been hanging above my dressing table as well but I think I’m going to place it somewhere else that I’ll see everyday instead having two signs in the same place to help keep me stay positive.

What do you do to help you stay positive?


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