CB 012: A Soul Filled Life + Business with Krista Dickson

August 8, 2019

In today’s episode, I chat with Krista Dickson, an online manifestation weight-loss coach and online business coach. I’ve taken several of Krista’s courses and workshops and I love the way she simplifies what other’s make difficult. Over Krista’s journey, she’s pivoted her offerings and services as she’s grown and changed and I, like many have found it fascinating how she’s made it work for her and often appears to just jump into those changes and make what she does work around her ill health while even juggling two businesses. This episode is a bit more business-focused than over episodes have been on Continuously Brave but still covers a wide range of topics that many can relate too.

In this episode, we cover:

+ Jumping into online business feet first.
+ Running two businesses online.
+ Living with an undiagnosed illness, possibly endometriosis.
+ Balancing act with all the balls in the air of two businesses and an illness.
+ Why you’ve only just started talking about your illness.
+ Health changes you’ve made.
+ How Scott takes your woo-woo self and how he supports it or doesn’t.
+ How you follow and listen to your intention.
+ Making friends online.
+ CEO day
+ Pivoting advice
+ The bravest thing you’ve done.

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