July Goals

I didn’t make a single resolution for 2017. Mostly because I tend to do these things in December/January and I spent December and January in the hospital. So, I’ve decided to come up with at least three monthly goals if I am able. Which I hope will keep me focused on what’s important and what I want to do and achieve.


  1. Blog 1x a week. I forgot about this goal! It’s still a goal for this month but I’m not listing it.
  2. Get 3 more clients. I only got 1 new client in June.
  3. Go to the hospital appointment and follow up Dr’s appointment. DONE! I went for my hospital appointment and we finally got in with my Dr. You can read more about that here!
  4. Find an awesome balance between rest and work. DONE! Although I ended up catching a cold so I had to figure things out.
  5. Plan out my hubby’s birthday. DONE! Although it didn’t go the way I had planned, but my hubby still had fun and enjoyed himself.

Three out of five ain’t too bad, especially when I completely forgot one of the goals I set myself. Whoops!

Here’s what I’m hoping for July:

Attend hospital appointment. I have another hospital appointment for July but this time in Halifax. It’ll be so much nicer not travelling so far from home!
Read x3 business books. I have a few books on my Kindle app to read and I hate it when I fill up too much.
Record endo diary series. I’ve decided to jump back into YouTube after a very long break to chat about my endo journey and trying to have a baby, very big and scary but I want to share this journey at least once a month but I’m hoping for more often.
Finish 10-day journaling course. I started writing a course earlier this year and I haven’t finished it but I plan to finish it this month and release it. Sign up to my mailing list below if you want information about when it goes live.
Take 3-5 beta clients. Another exciting thing coming this month and possibly next week if I can line things up right. If you need help setting goals with your self-care, business, blog or just life in general, then leave a comment below and I’ll get in touch once everything goes live.

July wasn’t planning to be such an exciting month really but I’m glad I’m making the most of it by creating my own excitement from it because if I don’t do these things now, when will I do them?

Do you have any goals for July?

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