July Favourites

August 10, 2014
July Favourites
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Gosh this year is just zooming right on by. Before long it’ll be December! 
I only have a few favourites this month. My Mum wanted to come through to visit on her weekend off during July and wanted to explore the shops in Hull. Sadly we only covered half the shops as the weather turned bad but we had tons of fun and she bought me this blue and white stripped dress from Primark and I love it. I’ve been wearing it so much since she bought me it as we had this amazing heatwave.
She also bought me the white musk smoky rose fragrance from The Body Shop which I’ve really been loving.
Back in February I bought the Maybelline forever strong nail polish in deep red and I can’t stop wearing it. My finger nails are now stained slightly red but I don’t care.
A year or two ago every beauty blogger I followed talked about the rose gold blusher and the dupe Sleek did for it and I love it on my cheeks during summer and autumn. It’s also the one of only two parts of my make-up that haven’t sweated off this month.
These hair clips were in the sale at Accessorise for super cheap and they’ve been helping keep the stupid amount of hair I have up when I wear milk maid braids as normal grips just aren’t cutting it. Or well they are but the amount I have to use is ridiculous!
I either been wearing Soap and Glory’s sexy mother pucker lip shine in whatchammarcoral or Rimmel’s apocalips in nova. Both need to be constantly reapplied but the colours make me happy.
I haven’t left the house without my prescription sunglasses that I got last October. By far the best money I’ve ever spent. I love the frames and the tint that I picked without having to worry about contact lenses and where my regular sunglasses are since moving.
And of course my trusty ipad mini. Really this is a monthly favourite every month but I don’t often add it but I’ve loved it this month for reading, job hunting, social media use, skyping friends and family, looking at furniture, watching youtube videos and lots of other things too. It was a bit of a naughty purchase nearly two years ago now but I have no regrets about it now.

P.S I’m also going to be trying to blog everyday this week here. We’ll see how that goes!