January Sum-Up

January Sum Up
January has been a rather hard month personally for me this year, compared to 2010 it was a perfectly good month but with 2010 aside it sucked ass. I spent 3/4 of January missing my Dad as if I’d actually lost a limb and I ended up becoming rather home sick for my little Northern seaside town that I’d lived in pretty much for 23 years. But I wasn’t sure if I was missing my home, the people or the little town so I pushed it out and tried to think of it less and less. I’m technically unemployed again, which is really disheartening. My contract ran out at the end of January but I didn’t get any hours for the last few days of January and if they can find the hours I can have my job back but I have to wait a week or so to find out if there are any hours available and tomorrow is my birthday! So it’s been sort of the good with the bad through January, I just hope February is a much better month!

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