Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals

April 6, 2013

I’ve been a big fan of Jamie’s cookbook for years. During my University years my Dad had several of them and I would often come home in my second year and write down a few of Jamie’s recipes and try them out hoping to try something different than my usual chicken burger!
So when Jamie’s newest book came out last year I grabbed it up straight away. Ryan and I haven’t used many recipes out of it but the ones we have we absolutely love. Our favourite’s are Pregnant Jools’s Pasta (pg 30), Tomato Soup (pg 76), Chicken Pie (pg 90) and Chicken Skewers (pg 110).

One of the reasons we love Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals is the photography, there are so many great pictures of the meals being cooked, which we both find easier when we cook and to make you super hungry while you try to decide which recipe you want to make.
Also the recipes are super simple and easy to follow. Jamie also includes some basics about cooking which is always helpful.

Even Evie loves this book!

One of the negatives with this book is that it’s a little hard if you only want to cook one part of the meal out of the whole recipe. As the general idea is that you cook the whole meal instead of just one aspect from it, which is what we usually do. I find though that the more you cook one part of the meal the easier it is to follow the recipe.
Also, this is a more personal note, they take 30 minutes to cook which is great if you get home from work at a reasonable hour or you have a day off but working in retail we sometimes don’t get home till 7pm or later which means we’re often not cooking till nearly 8pm and by the time you’ve prepped and cooked it, it’s not too far from bedtime.

Which actually brings me to the fact that Jamie brought out Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals which as soon as I am able I will be buying it.

Has anyone else tried Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals? Is it any good? Any other recipe books you’d recommend?