I read… a lot..

June 5, 2013
{my only signed book!}
It’ll be no surprise to you if you’ve been following me a while or know me from Swept Away Again that I read a lot, & I really mean a lot. I read a least 200 books a year. Last year I actually read 230 books but only aimed for 180. This year I’m upping my aim from 180 books to 200. I’ve already read 101 books so far, so I think my goal is definitely in sight.
I read anywhere I can, in the bath, in bed, on my lunch breaks, on the train, cuddled up with the bunnies. I take any opportunity I can to read. I even read while watching films {which annoys Ryan, because I often end up asking what happened}. 
I read hardbacks and paperbacks, I like listening to audiobooks but generally prefer reading on my kindle or ipad mini.
I generally read some sort of paranormal romance or urban fantasy because reading to me is escapism and why would you want to read something that is very similar to your everyday life! But I do read other gene’s crime, classics, autobiography, self-help, YA & poems.
I’ve always been a reader but while at University studying English and being tasked to read a lot of Dickens it definitely dented my feelings on reading, which is possibly why I read something so different nowadays.
If I can’t read something at least every other day I feel very lost and like I’m wasting my life. I read more than usual in unhappy circumstances. When my Dad was diagnosed with lung cancer my head was often in some book and after my Dad died the world around me didn’t exist unless I needed it too and the rest of the time my head was permanently crammed in a book.
Reading is my way of existing and coping, it has now become very much a part of me that I really feel lost if I can’t read for a few days. This maybe isn’t normal or maybe it is. I don’t really know nor do I really care. It works for me and I’m happy with that. 
So this is the reason from time to time that you’ll find a random review on here that I want to share and think it’s something you should read or not read, of course it’s totally your opinion.

Do you read a lot? Do you review books on your blog?
Happy reading! xox

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  1. Kelly Lelly says:

    Really enjoying all these posts Ally! 🙂

  2. Ray Blake says:

    Me too. I should make 175 this year.

  3. Gemma N says:

    That is fantastic, how do you do it, I managed 118 and could only dream of hitting 200 a year. Any tips or pointers?

  4. Ally T says:

    Thanks Kelly! 🙂

  5. Ally T says:

    Ray that's great! It's nice to see someone else that reads a lot. A few of my friends tend to only read about 50 books a year and look at me like I'm a freak with the amount I read.
    Do you have a preferred method of reading? Paperback or ebooks?

  6. Ally T says:

    Gemma this is a hard question. As I said above I tend to read whenever possible lunch breaks, in the bath. I don't watch a lot of tv either.
    I find mixing up genres and author's helps a lot too. Sometimes I read a book someone's recommended and then either read the author back catalog or the rest of the series because I enjoyed that book so much.
    Also I try to read the occasional novella from time to time to help break it up and also it's a great way to try new authors.
    Hope some of this helps! 🙂

  7. Ray Blake says:

    Mostly it's on my Kindle, but maybe 20% of my reading is done the old fashioned way and another 10% is unabridged audiobooks in the car and while ironing clothes.

  8. Ally T says:

    Oooo audiobooks are so handy aren't they? I just don't get why there so expensive though?
    I adore my kindle I read about 80% on my kindle/ipad but I've always been a big fan of electronic reading. I used to read on my laptop a lot.

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