How I Started My Own Business

How I Started My Own Business

I often get asked how I starting my own business, so I thought I would finally write the full story on how I started my own business.

In 2014 several months after my husband and I moved from Plymouth back to North Yorkshire to be closer to our families I became ill with an intestinal issue and was signed off work for a month. While this would normally be a time to recover the company I worked for made me ring in every day I was meant to work but was unable too even with a Dr’s note to sign me off for the entire month. I found this demoralising and stressful and it didn’t help me get better any quicker. After too many bouts of crying, feeling guilty and feeling awful and the stress just getting to be too much, I quit.

I spent the next few months job hunting and looking at possibilities of working from home as my husband wanted to work his way up the ladder for the company he worked for and for him to do that would mean that every 18 months to 2 years we would be moving around the country and I didn’t want to be changing jobs that frequently or often and knew it wouldn’t look good on my CV so I gave working from home some serious consideration.

I looked at the types of jobs other self-employed people were doing and matched my skills set to what they were doing to see if it was possible for me to do that sort of job.

As a bit of background, if you weren’t aware, I got into blogging way back in 2005 in those lovely LiveJournal days and in 2010 after losing my Dad to cancer started book blogging. I connected with lots of awesome book bloggers, authors and publishers. Figured out everything that came from blogging such as creating a content calendar, SEO, social media etc and had plenty of experience in that direction with guest blogging and doing work for publishers and authors.

One gloomy day February in 2015 after looking at many different options I decided to become a Virtual Assistant and try offering my skillset on a freelance website at a rather low rate. It worked. I got my first client who recommended me to my second client who recommended me to my third client within two months! I also set up a separate bank account and declared myself self-employed with HMRC in the UK.

At that point, I realised I had to take this seriously and invest in this if I wanted to go forward and gain more clients so I hired a VA coach who offered one on one coaching and it was amazing. My coach helped me get my website up, work on my services, and gain another three clients in the time I worked with her! It was one of the best investments I made in my business and I’m so glad I did.

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And that in just over 450 words is how I started my business.

What Can You Take From This?

If you are interested in starting your own business, working for your self, becoming self-employed however you want to word it then I highly recommend:

  1. Writing down the type of skills you have
  2. Look up the type of jobs you can do with that skill set
  3. Decide on what services you’ll offer
  4. Figure out a price point
  5. Decide where you’ll offer your services i.e. on a freelance website, Facebook or create your own website
  6. Post about it on your social media, your personal Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc
  7. Hire your own coach

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Starting your own business is big and scary but it doesn’t have to be. Do it in small steps and keep going. I found it much easier once I started working with my own coach to help keep me accountable, moving forward and keeping the overwhelm at bay and you might too.


Do you want one-on-one support to help you build a business of your dreams around your chronic illness?


How I Started My Own Business

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