Hello November!

November 1, 2014
Hello November!

Oh how soon you arrived.

You’re my favourite month of Autumn, but only because I love the darkness you bring {fairly lights and candles are my jam} and the fireworks that light up the sky. I’m glad you’re finally upon us but before you know it, you’ll be gone again till next year. But you’ll always remain my favourite Autumn month.

This month I am going to:

Get out more. I only seem to leave the house if there’s somewhere I need to be. So I want to pop out for the occasional long or short walk without a plan on going anywhere in particular.

Read less. In September I read 35 books, I devoured so many books and although I can remember them I’d just want to read less. I never really thought I’d say that! Ha.

Edit videos. Getting back into filming videos for YouTube has been so easy but I need get onto editing them. I think I’ve got five to edit right now. That’s what Sunday’s were made for right?

To remember If not now, when? because it’s a really good mantra to push myself into the unknown and new.

Do you have any resolutions for November?