Hello 2015!

Oh gosh, 2015 you got here real fast! I just don’t really know what to do with you, although I think that’s ok because it’s only the first day of this new year. 

Although 2015 if I’m honest and sadly I always am, I’m kind of scared of you. I know I have lots of things planned for you this year but to be honest I’m not sure you could top 2014 and to be fair, that’s a lot of pressure on you and me. So really I won’t push but, ya know, if we could just both try that would be fab! Thanks.

I haven’t mentioned this at all but my word for 2014 ended up being home. I’m not sure what my word for 2015 will be yet I’m still working on it. 

I haven’t bothered making resolutions or any goals really this year but there are of course things I want would like to achieve. 
1. Try and go home once a month to visit my Mum & my best friend and her little dude.
2. Celebrate 9 years with my ‘better’ half! Can’t believe it’s 9 years this year!!
3. Celebrate my 29th year of life. Oh god I’m getting old!
4. Get married. Eeeeek!
5. Move again.
6. Try for a baby. Fingers, toes and everything crossed.
7. Carrying on crossing off items on my 101 things in 1001 days list. Tis fun.
8. Become self-employed. The dream, right?
9. Or find a new job in a different sector. More realistic.
10. Read 210 books. Really I should be aiming higher like 250 but that’s a scary number!
11. Connect better with friends. I still have someone’s present from May!
12. Get out of the house more. Days off should not be wasted in bed and on the sofa.
13. Snip off my hair. Dying, dying to do this one!
14. Reassess my wardrobe. It’s totally pants and not working for me.
15. Accept this little space more. It is what it is, get over it.

So really 2015 is going to be a kind of big and kind of scary but we’ve been waiting for this year for a while. So fingers crossed!

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