Health {& Fitness} Update #1


I never really thought I’d write one of these posts. But over the last few months my health has taken a massive beating and something has to change, and that something is me.

Back in 2010 I was diagnosed with IBS along side my endometriosis, oh joy of joys! {Supposedly it is a common occurrence for endometriosis sufferers to also have IBS.} But since moving it has really spiralled out of control for me. Three weeks ago I decided to take action. I was exercising every other day, I was eating well. I’d lost a pound but my IBS was still flaring up. The following week I was consumed by bad migraines and dizzy spells and couldn’t do much. Then two days ago I had to attend a pre-interview interview and after a bad night’s sleep I stressed myself out like I haven’t done in years and made myself really ill. I felt better on Saturday and managed when my Mum came to visit but Saturday night and all today I have been violently ill and to be honest I’m sick of it. I’m planning on going back to the Dr’s but to be honest all they do is give me drugs and tell me to take Fybogel and to be honest it’s really not helpful.

So between bouts of being ill today I’ve done a bit of research and have come across fodmap which is a diet that can help people who suffer from IBS, Colitis and Crohn’s Disease.
Now I say it’s a diet and it sort of is but it lists all the foods you shouldn’t eat and all the foods that you can and most of the foods I know I can’t eat match this list with a few others I didn’t know about. Also while researching fodmap I came across the Whole30 and plan to look more into that later.

So I’m planning on giving the fodmap diet a go over the next seven days {including today!} and then seeing how I feel. I will be updating my intagram with everything I’m eating to keep myself accountable over the next seven days. Today’s lunch is already up. 

I’m exciting and nervous about this partly because I’ll be saying goodbye to all my favourite fruits and I’m not super keen on the ones listed and I want to still be able to cook and eat meals with Ryan and not have this become really hard with cooking two different meals and have to spend a lot of money buying different foods. So over the week I’m planning on trying to use the foods we have in and adjust them to making them fodmap friendly while not buying much extra other than maybe wheat and gluten free pasta and some more veggies.

Wish me luck and I plan to be back next Sunday with how it all went!

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