Healing Hurts

A pulled muscle hurts.

But pulled scar tissue is even worse.

Something simple such as bending at the waist to pick up the top of my hot water bottle then the pain that follows is excruciating. Lasts for days.

Sitting on our front doorstep soaking up springs sun rays and being bounced on by next doors KitKat. Thinking nothing of bending forward to give her pats and scratches. Only days after already pulling scar tissue and dealing with several days of pain.

Now dealing with a similar situation. But on a more painful level. Tears running down my face because the pain is too much to bear while waiting for drugs to kick in and hope, pray, and wish that they take away at least some part of the pain. Then exhaustion kicks in because the level of pain has taken most of my energy.

How many days now will I lose until the pain recedes and I reach my ‘new level of normal’.

Taken from my journal 9/3/17

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