Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy valentines day! I hope everyone had an extra nice day, whether they celebrated it or not. I worked, and wished nearly every customer a nice day.
It was quite sweet seeing guys come in with bouquet’s of flowers looking for a card or an extra gift. Plenty of people came in though buying a card telling me they and their partner agreed not to do anything for it only to end up getting a card or worse a card and a present and having nothing to give in return! Don’t you just hate when that happens?!

Considering we celebrate our anniversary in January and my birthday at the beginning of February, we don’t really bother with Valentine’s day all that much. We do a card, I bought Ryan two because I couldn’t pick! But this year I decided to cook a nice meal and a simple dessert. I made homemade Nando’s with their sauce, mixed with some cream because its seriously hot (for me!). It turned out quite nice. Then we had brownies for dessert. Although we haven’t eaten many of them because dinner was so filling!

I’m properly going to pig out on the rest of them tomorrow when I get home from my super early shift at work. Someone has to take down all the unwanted Valentine’s day cards and as I run the card section that means me. Being at work when most people are waking up isn’t something I’m looking forward to but if I’m really lucky I’ll get to crawl back into bed 2.5 hours later.
I have to go to bed now because getting up at the crack of dawn is really painful for me. Happy Valentine to you all!

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