Happy List: January

As mentioned in my 2014 resolutions, I’m keeping a gratitude list, I’ll be posting my gratitude/happy list at the end of every month.

  1. Good food.
  2. Connections.
  3. Lie-in.
  4. Half work days.
  5. My motto for 2014: Live, Laugh, Love.
  6. Chicken tikka pasties.
  7. Hope.
  8. Red flowers as a gift from Ryan.
  9. As much tomato ketchup as my food will take.
  10. Surprise! Early anniversary present season 2 of Hawaii Five-0.
  11. Bunny cuddles. Especially off Evie. She loves to hide under my chin.
  12. Celebrating 8 years together!
  13. Finally finishing an ok book.
  14. Dominos pizza. Roast chicken, herbs & sweetcorn. Yum!
  15. Deep breathes.
  16. Possibilities & wine.
  17. Nando’s. Lemon and herb chicken wrap every time.
  18. A good cup of tea.
  19. The bunnies.
  20. 4head balm. To cure a really bad headache.
  21. Homemade sausage casserole and dumplings. Made by Ryan.
  22. Finally having printer ink to print out a monthly calendar for my filofax.
  23. 50p hat even though I’m not sure it suits me!
  24. £5 dress that is oh so comfy it was worth every penny.
  25. Jade coming to visit and Chinese food!
  26. Pizza Hut pasta salad. Seriously good and a way to avoid eating even more pizza.
  27. A beautiful bracelet as an early birthday present from Jade.
  28. Monkey coming home.
  29. Love heart cutting board.
  30. Ryan getting the promotion he applied for!
  31. Soap & Glory Man Trap lipstick. My new favourite red lip colour.

What were you grateful for in January?


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