Happy List: February

  1. Buying a sports bra that fits.
  2. Pre-birthday dinner of roast chicken.
  3. Chocolate fudge birthday cupcakes.
  4. Ticking things off my to do list.
  5. Being able to say goodbye to co-workers.
  6. Belated birthday presents.
  7. Cuddles.
  8. Last day at work!
  9. Cute bunny mischief.
  10. Goodbye clothes.
  11. 2.
  12. Goodbye to dear friends.
  13. Cute new handbag.
  14. Ryan. Always.
  15. Well behaved bunnies.
  16. New home present. Old keys.
  17. Chicken pizza.
  18. Seeing Rys family.
  19. Lucky in love.
  20. Reading again.
  21. Viewing our next possible home.
  22. Best friend catch-ups.
  23. Wedding Fayre.
  24. Snugly blanket when sick.
  25. Extra money.
  26. Posted housing application.
  27. District-ly come dancing.
  28. Boredom breakers for the bunnies.

What are you thankful for this month?




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  1. Totally agree with the chicken pizza – we get a really good BBQ chicken pizza locally and it's the best! February has been a good month for reading and getting money in order for some purchases in the coming months!

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