Goodbye Mr Malden

May 29, 2013

I thought I’d do a little update on where my Malden filofax is.
While I really loved this filofax, and I know plenty of others do too. I found that unless I really filled it to a snug capacity it was just too pliable for me.
I didn’t like filling it that much, and I don’t like carrying a whole year’s worth of diary inserts either. As it never really reached a snug capacity it ended up on a shelf, unused and unloved.
So when a friend mentioned she was interested in buying a filofax I offered her Mr Malden. She {of course!} said yes and she’s using it to it’s full snug capacity, that I was unable to do.
You can see how she’s using it in her filolove post.
I’m so glad my friend is using it because it’s a great filofax and wears really well, I’m just sad it wasn’t for me.

Have you ever gotten rid of a filofax you loved but didn’t use?