Goodbye Mr Malden

I thought I’d do a little update on where my Malden filofax is.
While I really loved this filofax, and I know plenty of others do too. I found that unless I really filled it to a snug capacity it was just too pliable for me.
I didn’t like filling it that much, and I don’t like carrying a whole year’s worth of diary inserts either. As it never really reached a snug capacity it ended up on a shelf, unused and unloved.
So when a friend mentioned she was interested in buying a filofax I offered her Mr Malden. She {of course!} said yes and she’s using it to it’s full snug capacity, that I was unable to do.
You can see how she’s using it in her filolove post.
I’m so glad my friend is using it because it’s a great filofax and wears really well, I’m just sad it wasn’t for me.

Have you ever gotten rid of a filofax you loved but didn’t use?

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  1. YEY this is about me! :P.
    I really do love Mr Malden and he will be with me forever and ever ;).
    This is a great post 🙂
    I don't think that I could deal with anything smaller, I love the size and ability to cram everything I need in there 🙂

    Kelly ||

  2. I use mine a lot because I use it for book blogging and to hold all my book lists but if I didn't do that in my filofax I wouldn't use it half as much as I do!

  3. I've sold ones that I love – just this week, actually, I sold off a crimson Malden and an ivory Deco. I'll only sell from my collection if I'm trying to fund buying another planner that I'm wanting. The sale of those two planners helped pay for my new Gillio planner.

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