Going Home There Is Nothing Quite Like Going Home Part 2

December 11, 2014
Carrying on from Part 1 this is a lot less picture heavy! 

Tuesday saw us visiting Ryan’s Nan and I went conker picking on the way up because well I couldn’t ignore the conker trees. Ryan stayed a while and I popped in to visit my best friend who was heavily pregnant at the time and she showed me the nursery for him that was jungle themed and was so amazing! I spent about 9 hours at her house and it was wonderful to see her.
Wednesday we popped into town early to have breakfast with another of Ryan’s old friends and then we had an appointment with a photographer I had stalked admired on the internet. Then we met up with Ryan’s Mum and one of Ryan’s brother for tea and cake then spent the evening with Ryan’s family with more Italian food and popped out for a few drinks.
Thursday saw us up early to load everything up in a van as my Mum sorted it so I could get my Dad’s old desk and then we were back home.
It was a short but fabulous holiday and I was so sad when it was over but it was nice to be home, even just for a few days!













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