Flex by Filofax

After my last organisation post I ended up caving and buying the magenta pocket flex and in the past month have been really enjoying using it (not my pictures I’ve yet to take any, these are directly from Filofax).

It comes with a thin ruled notebook and a jotpad (both which I really like) and also a pen holder which if it didn’t come with it I wouldn’t have bought because it’s quite expensive on it’s own and I often forget to put my pen in it anyway. I’ve added the mid year diary to it too but sometimes take it out and leave it at home.
I use the jotpad as my to do list and as my shopping list for when I have to go buy fresh fruit & veg, and I use the notebook to write down anything important or blog related things. I’ve been thinking about getting the address book or another notebook but I’m not sure yet. Hopefully in another month I’ll post some of my own picture of how I’ve been using it and if I’m still so fond of it.

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