Five Things…

March 1, 2013

{current favourite nail colours from Barry M. Loving the new textured nail polish & at £3.99 it’s a bargain.}

This weeks’s five things is very make-up, beauty inspired. Now the weather is getting brighter and the sun has been out for longer than five whole minutes I’m really enjoying brighter colours & doing something more than my standard everyday make-up.

{My lip savers. I have super dry chapped lips all the time so these are always a must for me year round but I like the shimmer of the body shop lip balm}

{Belated birthday presents from a friend, can’t wait to wear the blueberry nail polish on my toes with sandals this spring}

{I’ve finally filled my Mac quad palette, spring, summer, autumn & winter colours all in one palette that I can mix and match all year round}

{Finally, I’m loving Taylor Swift’s Wonderstruck it’s a great scent for spring & puts me in a happy mood every time I wear it}


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