Five Amazing Business YouTubers

YouTube is such an amazing platform and there are so many different types of videos you can watch, recently the type of content I’ve been consuming on YouTube has changed. I’ve been watching a lot more business oriented videos than before. Therefore I thought I would share five amazing women who have been making videos about their businesses that inspire and motivate me.

Lauren Frontiera of The Real Female Entrepreneur

I originally followed one of Lauren’s guest on her podcast back when it was The Grit and Glitter Podcast and really enjoyed what she was doing. Having real honest and authentic conversations with women who run their own businesses and I’ve been following her journey as she rebranded her podcast and website to The Real Female Entrepreneur. Lauren shares her journey on YouTube of how she’s trying to make her living from her podcast.

Holly Casto of

I actually came across Holly’s videos when I was looking for more information on IVF and the whole IVF process and although Holly is America I loved her honesty and the way she shared her experience with the treatments. After watching a couple of Holly’s other IVF videos I realised she did business and productivity ones too and was instantly hooked!

Kat Horrocks of

A bit like Holly I stumbled across Kat’s channel when I looking for some self-care tips and instantly fell in love with her channel while Kat shares tips on self-care, health and wellness, Kat also talks about productivity, goal setting and business. Kat actually runs two businesses as she has two passions and I just love her enthusiasm for everything.

Amy Schmittauer of Savvy Sexy Social

I can’t remember how I came across Amy’s channel, maybe YouTube recommended it to me. Honestly, I can’t remember but I don’t really care because I love Amy’s channel so much! The tips she shares, the way she shares what she says with jump cuts and includes her sense of humour and the fact she’s so passionate about what she says just makes her one of my favourite business YouTubers. Ever. She came out with a book at the beginning of this year Vlog Like a Boss, and I’m currently listening to it on Audible and I’m greatly enjoying it!

Holly Sutton from A Branch of Holly

It’s not until recently that Holly’s shared more on her YouTube channel but she was originally sharing weekly vlogs on her running her blog and business. Recently Holly became self-employed and has been sharing her journey and I’ve been following along because she’s such a joy to watch and because Holly really does share some great information in these vlogs. Holly has recently changed her strategy and is now doing short informative one topic videos along with her vlogs.


Do you watch any of these ladies videos?
Do you have a women business YouTuber you’d recommend?

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