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Really this is all Philofaxy‘s fault! It’s that time of year where new filofax’s come out & I was sure, so sure that none of them would tempt me. Not a single one. But as Philofaxy have been posting and reviewing some of the new filofax’s I have actually fallen madly in lust with not one but two! new filofax’s, thanks Philofaxy!

The first one is The Original at £60 for the personal {my personal choice!} & £80 for the A5 these are a bit costly but there are 8 amazing colours to choose from. Two fluoro ones, two patent and four original colours. They remind me of lethal satchels, which I’m sure you can get satchels colours to match. Philofaxy’s Steve does a bang up review with lots of picture’s to tempt you {thanks Steve!} & Laurie from Plannerisms video is definitely worth checking out too! Currently what’s putting me off is what colour to choose & the new style of the pen holder, which is inside the filofax front cover, not on the edge. But what I’m loving about it is, the lack of card pockets and the simplicity that makes me think of the Domino in design. I’m tempted to by it in yellow and see if it overrides my love for my yellow finchley!
The next filofax that caught my eye, I accidently stumbled across when looking at all the compat filofax’s on Filofax before they announced it. The Calipso comes in 5 bright & vibrant colours, the compact is £65 and the A5 is £90. I love how bright they are & how cute the clasp is. Philofaxy also posted more detailed pictures of this one. I love the blue, orange & of course the yellow! Seriously loving all the bright colours because in the colder months they definitely cheer me up when I use my filofax.
I’m half tempted to sell some of my filofax just to I can own these two delightful designs!
Has anyone else been tempted by any of the new designs Filofax have been releasing?

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