Filofax Upsizing or Downsizing?

December 11, 2013

Fliofax Upsizing/Downsizing 
1. the original a5 yellow, 2. malden a5 aqua, 3. charleston pocket red, 4. finsbury pocket grey, 5. finsbury mini blue, 6. calipso compact bright blue

I haven’t got planner fail exactly, I love my yellow Finchely filofax it’s a really great filofax, the system I have in it works but it’s a bulky and heavy filofax and I really need to carry my diary with me and I do need my addresses and the occasional to do list on hand but even when I take out the extra bits that I have in there it’s still really heavy in my handbag. Which makes me really sad because I do love this planner but I don’t want to have to carry a massive bag with me just to carry my filofax.
So I’m re-looking at how I use my filofax. My current idea would be to take out all my book and book blogging information and put it in my A5 Domino, which is currently sat with a little bit of wedding planning information in it and nothing else, and use a pocket filofax for my diary, addresses and everyday to do lists.
I could also use a pocket and my yellow Finchely instead of my A5 Domino so I don’t have to re-write all the information that I have. My only problem with this is I’m not keen on possibly having to work with two filofax’s and if they cross over in anyway and having to deal with this. I could use a mini and my Finchley and keep using my Finchley as my main diary and the mini just for my work shifts and carrying addresses and any lists that I need. The mini is also small enough to ensure that I can’t actually put a lot in it so it would really only hold a small amount and that way there wouldn’t be any crossover information and there isn’t enough room to double up on diary’s if I still wanted to use a diary in my personal.
My other option would be to try a compact filofax again because I know a slimline definitely wouldn’t work and I’ve liked using one before.
I’m not sure which option I’m going to go for or which would work best but while I’ve been thinking about it I’ve looked through the options available to me and I’ve selected a few of my favourite ones.