Filofax Sighting

The other day in work I served a lovely lady who was buying her 2012 Filofax calender and as the shop was quiet I inquired to which Filofax she actually owned. As it’s not very often I actually meet another Filofax fan I really couldn’t help myself and the lady was more than happy to have a Filofax chat with me not only did she tell me what Filofax she owned she pulled it out of her bag and handed it to me!

A Tropic in Bamboo. I’m not sure if this used to be sold in the UK or not but I have seen it on other European Filofax sites and although it looks textured it’s really quite soft and lovely. I’ve never seen this one before so I enjoyed seeing a new to me Filofax. However the lady thought I was quite nutty for own six Filofax’s but she could understand how addictive buying them is.

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