Filofax 2011 Set-up

I know it’s 2012 already but I thought I’d share what my set-up for 2011 was like partly because I really liked it and it worked great for me but I’ve since bought another filofax I’ve spread my set-up between the two filofax’s but more on that another time…
Filofax Finchley in brown bought from the Filofax £9 sale!
Totally worth it!
Front cover contains some gift cards, price lists and lists.
Polaroid of my daisy garden, a couple of quote’s and a card from my guy.
More pictures this time of our old dog, Evie and an Eyeko card.
On the reverse Gala Darling’s Manifesto.

Really love this, when I remember to look at it.

Wifi number and other sticky’s.
Hello Kitty gift tag with message from my guy on it. Behind that large post it notes and my notes section.
Notes section contains Christmas food list, to-do lists and my 30 Before 30 list.
Section 2 contains diary pages.
Section 3 contains my books to read and…
the orange marker has my blog posts for Swept Away Again and…
the green marker contains my review notes…
and finally the pink marker contains blog posts/ideas for Within Dreams We Live.
Section 4 is a gift list section for friends and family and also my own wishlists.
Section 5 is full of empty paper to use later on.
Section 6 is empty and I have another address tab to stop the pages from bending. Doesn’t really work though. Then I have a pen testing page also to try and stop the bending of pages.
And finally in the zip compartment I have love heart sticky notes, apple stickers and a nurse’s app date in there. I also use pilot g-tec pens as I really love them generally in brown, green and pink.
After posting all this I’ve realised how much I liked this set-up and how much I miss certain aspects of it in my new set-up so I think I’ll be taking pictures of my current set-up then re-working it in the near future!

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  1. i love all the different lists you have! and your extra personal bits like pictures and tags – i have two empty clear wallets that i could put pictures in but haven't bothered yet.
    very cute xx

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