February Goals + Planner Review

February Goals + Planner Review

I used to post my monthly goals really regularly here. I really enjoy reading these types of posts so I thought I would share them again with you.

Check out the video to see the planner and I’m using, how I’m using it and what it is.

5 Goals For February:

Celebrate my 33rd birthday!

My Mum and Step-Dad are coming for a long weekend and I’m so excited to celebrate it with them and I’m all about self-care indulgences for my birthday.

Sort paperwork

We moved back up North 5 years ago now (can you believe it!) and we have a box and a half of paperwork that we’ve moved around with us as we moved. Happily, it’s now 1.5 boxes as it used to be 3 but I’m sick of this box taking up space and the unnecessary paperwork we don’t need. But I want to buy a shredder to help make this quicker.

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Renew passports

Both our passports need renewing, it’s been on my list since November, but because of health problems it’s not been a high priority but we’re hoping, fingers crossed, to go to Spain next year so I really need to get them sorted. Evie ate part of the original forms so we went back and got another 2 forms just in case!

Create office in guest room

I mentioned this in my behind the scenes vlog, about wanting to add my office to our guest room because people only come and visit once a quarter and only start for about 4 days so it’s a room that doesn’t get used very often. And I want to have a dedicated space to focus more on my work.

Setup podcast and interviews

I’m so excited about this goal and this wouldn’t have happened without the help of Brooke Alexander. She’s amazing mindset coach, she always has an awesome podcast under her own name and because of her, I’m finally moving forward with creating my podcast! I’ve been working on this since 2016 and I’ve got 6 seasons planned. Setting up is the easy part it’s the interviewing people that can be hard so this goal will also be happening in March too! A sneak peek is the first season will be all about Endometriosis.

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They’re my five goals for February. What are your goals?


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