Why February Is One Of My Favourite Months

First February is my birthday month. Everyone likes the month they were born in. Because you get to celebrate the amazingness that is you and the people you love show you how much they love you. Sometimes it’s as simple as them just remembering your birthday, as people rely on Facebook to remind them of your birthday, which is a bit of a cheat. But that’s a story for another time. Maybe. But it always makes me happy for February because it’s an extra reason to spend time with my loved ones and this year was no exception even if it included going to a MacDonald’s drive through so I could get a double cheeseburger that I’d been craving for two months.

Second February is the shortest month in the entire year. Even when it’s a leap year it is still the shortest month and after the fact that January just seems to go on and on and on I’m always grateful for February for not being such a Queen and taking up more days like a full month.

Third, you get a freaking day dedicated to pancakes! How much better can you get? You can have them for breakfast or for tea and maybe even lunch too if you’re crazy for pancakes too. Personally, I’m not crazy for pancakes but I still have to have at least one with lemon and sugar because I like my pancakes traditional if I’m well enough to eat them.

Fourth sometimes we get snow. Yeah yeah, I know most people don’t like snow but I’m a winter baby and to me for the longest time ever I’ve loved snow in February. When I was younger, snow in February used to be several inches if not at least a foot. Nowadays I’m lucky if it even lays and on the rare exception, it is generally the last month we really get snow.

Fifth you get a day dedicated to love. I know it’s really an American holiday but whether you celebrate Valentine’s or Galantines Day it’s an extra day to show someone some love and while my hubby and I only exchange a card some people really go all out to treat their loved one and I think it’s so sweet to see how people treat their loved ones on Valentines or Galantines day.

Sixth Easter chocolate comes out and seriously who doesn’t like some form of Easter chocolate?

Seventh yes, I said seventh! But this one is a totally personal and selfish reason. It’s the first month I’ve not had to stay in the hospital and actually proves I’m on the road to recovery and am so pleased. I’m also back in Huddersfield with my hubby even if I have to go to bed early every night. There really is no place like home and it’s nice not having to share the bathroom with three other people and be able to eat whatever the hell I want.

That’s why I love February and why it’s one of my favourite months.

What’s your favourite month and why?

(This post was originally published February 2017)

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